Housing in Canada Online

Getting Started with HiCO

If you are a new HiCO user we suggest that you consult the HiCO Beginner’s Guide and Video tutorials.The Beginner`s Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create tables using HiCO, shows pictures of sample tables, and labels the tables buttons and links and explains what they do. Note: You will require the Adobe Acrobat viewer to open the Beginners' Guide.

After reading the Beginner`s guide, we recommend that you watch the Video Tutorials which show HiCO in action, demonstrating how the Web Data Server (WDS) carries out the work. The tutorials can be paused and restarted at any time.

You can also check out the Definitions page for an explanation of all the variables used in HiCO, and the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to questions about CMHC's study of core housing need, and the WDS itself.

Visit our Reference Counts Page to learn about the Census data used in HiCO and for advice on using reference tables to verify your data. To learn more about the source of the data, and permissions and requirements for using the data, please consult our Data Source page.

The Beyond 20/20 help files, located with the Video Tutorials, provide additional information on the function of the Web Data Server that powers HiCO.

To proceed to the HiCO data table, please click here.
This link opens the database in a new window.